The stationary mixing system is our best seller, and for good reason. Over 20 years we have perfected our mixer to agitate liquid and dry products more quickly and transfer the solution at rates up to 100 GPM. Now with our induction tank option, all mixing can be done from the ground level. Stop mixing in a five gallon bucket and discover why customers who purchased our mixers can’t spray without them.


HD Polyethylene Cone tank with poly stand

1-1/2 HP electric motor wired 110 or 220 volt

Shurflo direct drive poly centrifugal pump

Agitation with 6 Hypro 3/4” Jet agitators

3-way selector valve – agitation/transfer

20’ of 1-1/2” transfer hose with a quick connector for your sprayer

3/4” garden hose air gap water fill

16” tank lid with screen basket

New tank level sight tube

Optional gas or electric powered pump


175 gallon    (Dimensions: 43”Dx49”H)

300 gallon   (Dimensions: 49”Dx61”H)

600 gallon   (Dimensions: 72”Dx61”H)

800 gallon   (Dimensions: 72”Dx80”H)

1000 gallon  (Dimensions: 72”Dx92”H)

1200 gallon  (Dimensions: 72”Dx104”H)

1400 gallon (Dimensions: 88”Dx92”H)

1600 gallon  (Dimensions: 89”Dx96”H)

1775 gallon (Dimensions: 86”Dx108”H)

2500 gallon (Dimensions: 99”Dx116”H)


15 gallon induction unit

15 gallon induction unit. Safe filling from ground level of liquid or dry products.

16 mesh fileter

Filter system (16 mesh). Placed before agitators to resist clogging. Filter solution before transferring.

stainless steel centrifugal pump

Stainless steel centrifugal pump. Increased pump longevity. Improves agitation and transfer rates.


3hp electric motor wired. Increased flow and pressure. Agitate while inducting products.